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Construction IT Solutions

As the construction industry becomes more reliant on technology, companies in this field require a reliable and secure IT infrastructure. At SMS Datacenter, we understand the importance of IT solutions for the construction industry. We offer a variety of services that can help your company stay ahead of the competition.

Construction IT Needs


Project Management & Collaboration Tools

The construction industry relies heavily on effective project management and collaboration tools. These tools should enable project managers to schedule work, track progress, and manage budgets. Plus, they should provide a central platform for all team members to communicate and share information. SMS Datacenter can help implement project management and collaboration tools tailored to the specific needs of your business. This includes mobile solutions that allow employees to access information from anywhere, at any time.


Data Storage & Backup

Construction companies generate and store vast amounts of data, including blueprints, contracts, and invoices. They must store the data securely and back it up regularly to ensure it is not lost in the event of a disaster. SMS Datacenter can help you implement a reliable data storage and backup system that provides the security and accessibility required by the construction industry.


Mobile Device Management

With more employees working in the field, construction companies need to ensure their mobile devices are secure and managed efficiently. SMS Datacenter offers mobile device management solutions that help manage and secure your employees’ mobile devices. We can ensure they are properly configured and protected from cyber threats.


Secure & Scalable Cloud Solutions

The construction industry generates vast amounts of data that need to be stored, accessed, and shared securely. Cloud solutions can provide an efficient and secure way to store, access, and share data, and allow your business to scale as your needs grow. SMS Datacenter offers private cloud solutions that can provide your business with a flexible and secure infrastructure for data and applications.


Cybersecurity Measures

With the increase in cyberattacks, the construction industry faces a growing threat from cybercriminals. Cybersecurity measures, such as endpoint protection and regular system updates, are important to protect sensitive data from cyber threats and data breaches.

Construction IT Services

At SMS Datacenter, we offer a range of services that address the specific needs of the construction industry. These services include:

Managed IT Services

SMS Datacenter offers managed IT services that can maintain your IT infrastructure, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business operations. Our team of experts can handle everything from software updates to network monitoring and cybersecurity.

IT Strategy & Consulting

SMS Datacenter provides strategic guidance to help your business make informed decisions about its IT investments. Our experts can help identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that align with your business goals.

Private Managed Cloud

Our private cloud solutions offer a secure and flexible way to manage your data and applications. With private cloud hosting, you have control over your infrastructure and can scale resources as needed.

Colocation Services

SMS Datacenter's colocation services provide a cost-effective way to host your IT infrastructure. We offer a secure and reliable data center environment with redundant power and cooling systems to ensure uptime.

Benefits of Our Services

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With our reliable and secure services, you can focus on your core business and leave your IT needs to us. Let’s discuss how we can help your construction business thrive.

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