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Colocation Services for the Los Angeles Area

Rent space in our Tier 3+ data center for your servers and equipment. We will provide space, power, cooling, bandwidth, and physical security. Optionally, we can provide remote hands service, shipping/delivery management, and cable management. The goal of our colocation services available in Los Angeles is to ensure tougher security and increased operational uptime for your hosted systems.
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Colocation Los Angeles Services


Monitoring Tools for Customers

NetFlow monitoring, SNMP monitoring (service desk and portal), application monitoring

Facility Monitoring Systems

We monitor our data center using IT360, Velocity, and DataTrax software

Additional Coverage

We also have NOCs in Spain (Madrid & Malaga) for more 24x7x365 coverage



We provide APC NetShelter lockable cabinets for hardware


A fenced enclosure provides additional security to your cabinets

Private Suites

We can store your hardware in a walled-off space and customize the area to fit your requirements

Raised Floors

Our 27″ raised floors provide an optimal distribution path for cabling and cold air

Hot Aisle Containment

Hot air is guided upward back towards the CRAC units

Unlimited Power

We do not use watts per square foot ratios


Power Supply

Utility companies provide the power that is distributed throughout the facility

High Availability UPS System

Redundant Liebert electrical panels distributes power

Industry Leading Cabinets

We provide APC cabinets with two 3-Phase/208V APC PDUs

Power Delivery

Power ranging from 120V to 250V with 20Amps to over 100Amps per circuit


Our three 2N redundant UPS systems provides protection in outage events


The generators are in a N+2 redundancy configuration


Network Carriers

Our carriers include AT&T, Lumen, Cogent, COX, Crown Castle, Spectrum, XO, Zayo

We provide a multi-homed BGP blend with three carriers

ISPs On-Net

Multiple ISPs have connectivity built into our facility

Bandwidth Requirements

Up to 10Gbps available

Cross Connect Requirements

Ethernet and fiber handoffs

Additional Services

Layer 2 P2P circuits and SIP trunks are available

What is the difference between SMS and other Colocation Providers?

Some of Our Network Carriers

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