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Our data center in Irvine, CA can keep your IT systems running, protected, and compliant.


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Your IT systems must meet the growing demand for data.

We know you are highly dependent on your IT infrastructure for operating your business, innovating your services, and generating revenue. Fortunately, your organization can host your equipment in our Irvine, CA data center to ensure system uptime, protection, and compliance.

Why work with SMS Datacenter?

What is included in our Irvine Data Center services?

Our facility is a 41,000 square foot Tier 3+ data center located in Orange County specifically in the fiber-rich heart of Irvine. The data center is purpose-built to maintain and secure your valuable information and systems. Our data center offers physical and cyber security plus 2N redundancy in both power and cooling. We also protect against seismic activity by using a steel girder construction with steel and concrete pylons to the bedrock.


Manned Security

Our engineering staff monitors the facility 24x7x365

Secured Entrance

Visitors must go to our main entrance and through a mantrap before entering our offices

Network Operation Center

Our team monitors the operations of hardware devices, software operating systems, and applications

Monitoring Systems

We monitor our facility using IT360, Velocity, and DataTrax software


Our DVR and camera system provide exterior and interior surveillance

Cross Connects

We cross-connect to a variety of carriers + cloud service providers (AWS Direct Connect + Azure ExpressRoute).

Zone 4 Seismic Rating

We designed our data center to stay operational during and after an earthquake

Fire Detection

Our facility fire monitoring and suppression system includes Vesda, Fike, FM200, and Pre-Action

Data Center

Raised Floors

Our 27″ raised floors provide an optimal distribution path for cabling and cold air

Network Carriers

Our carriers include AT&T, Lumen, Cogent, COX, Crown Castle, Spectrum, XO, Zayo

Sub Stations

We have multiple sub stations providing power to our transformers



Our Uninterruptible Power Systems provide 2N redundant power to the cabinets on the raised floors


Our diesel generators provide over 72 hours of runtime at 100% load


Our Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRAC) protect equipment by controlling the temperature, air distribution, and humidity in the data center


Our multi-homed BGP blended internet bandwidth leverages multiple redundant upstream carriers

What are the benefits of using our Irvine Data Center?

data center benefits

What Should You Expect From Our Irvine Data Center Services?

Here is how we onboard new clients onto our services:



Client submits documents including Certificate of Insurance, Contact Profile, and Authorized Personnel List.


Facility Tour

We will give the client a tour of the facility including using the keycard to enter the facility and identifying the rack location.



We will work with the client to coordinate set up cabinets and racks in the data center.


Client Control

The client can operate, maintain, and replace their equipment within their space.


Facility Management

We will maintain the facility’s network and environmental infrastructure.



We will monitor all environmental equipment and notify the client of any issues.


Customer Service

To ensure the client experiences high service quality, we will send regular updates and schedule meetings.



The client can request technical support and additional services from SMS 24x7x365 via the ticket system.

Request a Quote

Need a quote for our data center services? Please click on the button below to provide more information about your requirements and a rep will reach out to you.

We serve these Irvine, CA industries and more

Irvine, CA has been named the safest city in the U.S. for its size for over 15 years and counting. The area is desired for its high quality of life, thriving business community, deep pool of skilled talent, and culture of innovation. This reputation has contributed to the increased presence of new startups and Fortune 500 offices in the area. As Irvine becomes more competitive, industries across the board are looking to gain an edge by leveraging technology. To innovate their services, organizations are looking to integrate solutions such as cybersecurity, automated processes, big data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and drones. These initiatives rely on state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and reliable internet connectivity. Our Irvine data center is equipped to power your IT infrastructure and meet the surging demand for data. We serve these local industries and more:

Some of Our Network Carriers

How to get pricing for using our Irvine Data Center?

Step 1

Contact SMS by calling 949-223-9240, emailing [email protected], or filling out our online form.

Step 2

Tell us about your service requirements including space, bandwidth, cross-connects, power, monitoring, and managed services.

Step 3

We will send you a customized quote.

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