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Private Managed Cloud

As an organization, your focus should be on running your core business. Let SMS Datacenter provide a Private Managed Cloud solution with the security and compliance you require for keeping your business running smoothly. Our Private Managed Cloud services provide the hardware and infrastructure you need to run your applications. Also, SMS’s expert technicians can manage and support these systems regularly. That way, more of your expenses can go toward business growth activities and less on hardware and staffing.

System Security
We designed our cloud computing infrastructure to protect our customers from exploits. SMS installs hardened versions of Windows or Linux Operating Systems on our computing resources and patches them regularly. Also, we provide firewall and VPN services to help block unauthorized system access. Our optional Layer 2 private connectivity allows customers to access applications directly without going over the Internet. Furthermore, we provide anti-virus protection, web application firewalls, and IDS/IPS solutions, plus backup and replication to recover in the case of a disaster.

Certifications and Compliance

  • SOC 2 (Formally known as a SAS 70 audit)
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Sensitive to:
    • PCI
    • HIPAA

Proven Enterprise Architecture
All components of the SMS infrastructure are redundant including the routers, switches, hosts, SANs, network, and bandwidth. Our redundant isolated networks support internet, storage, and backup services. The storage options available include flash, fiber channel, and iSCSI. Also, our redundant multi-homed BGP mesh network with 4 ISPs supports inbound and outbound internet traffic. Additionally, replication and disaster recovery solutions are available and customizable for each client’s needs.

Cloud computing is a model for businesses to enable anywhere, convenient, on-demand access to a dedicated or shared pool of computing resources (e.g., servers, storage, networks, and services). We can provision a Private Managed Cloud solution rapidly with minimal management or effort by the customer. Their responsibility will be to communicate the company’s requirements for the project. In turn, SMS is responsible for consulting with the customer and managing the technical details. For instance, we can create templates that reflect our customer’s application environment. When the customer needs hardware resources, sizing and timing are the only requirements on which they must decide. Customers select the CPUs, RAM, storage tiers, and network services dedicated to the environment, and we can have the resources in production within hours.