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Digital Workspaces

Business technology is changing at a rapid pace due to the increasing adoption of mobile and cloud technologies. Each new application presents an opportunity to improve quality and productivity. However, numerous businesses are relying on applications and documents that they can only access on a single device. Others are using a variety of consumer-grade cloud programs that do not exchange data with each other and lack security controls. As a result, users are wasting time navigating through inefficient work paths to access company resources.

Our DigitalWorkspaces™ combines different applications, documents, and communications into a single online portal. SMS Datacenter can design workspaces based on role and user preferences. Our team will manage and monitor the workspaces, plus run regular backups.

Workspace Tools

Virtual Desktops

Publish Apps

Cloud Storage

Single Sign-On

Centralized App Access

Microsoft App Marketplace


Multi-Device Access

Office Productivity

Data Dashboards

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