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Managed Storage Solutions

Managed Storage Solutions

SMS realizes your business data is valuable. Therefore, we made data security a top priority for providing Managed Storage Solutions.

SMS can provide the storage solution you need, from production storage of your data to Disaster Recovery (DR) and replication. Our solution offers capacity options ranging from 50 GB to 1 TB+. Also, we can service your needs using the latest SAN technology so you can read and write your data with a minimal amount of latency. Our Nimble adaptive flash technology allows the storage to dynamically and intelligently allocate the resources to satisfy the changing needs of your business-critical applications. We leverage our NetApp iSCSI storage for disk-to-disk backup. Moreover, we use our EMC fiber channel arrays as various tiers for both production and backup.


  • Farm of HP Blade Enclosures with a capacity of sixteen (16) blade servers per chassis
  • Over 250 Cores and over 3,000GB of RAM


  • Dual Redundant Nimble SANs with adaptive Flash Technology
  • Dual Redundant Cisco Fiber Channel Switches


  • Dual Redundant NetApp SANs
  • Dual Redundant iSCSI and Fiber Channel Switches