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Provide Real-Time Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI.

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Providing business intelligence can be time-consuming.

We know you depend highly on real-time data to keep track of your operations and customers. Fortunately, you can hire a Power BI Services provider to help with this task. We offer your business a reporting program consolidating data in one location and providing insights immediately.

Why work with SMS Datacenter?

What is included in our Power BI services?

Today’s companies need to adapt to ever changing market demands so they can prosper. However, C-Suite staff tend to make decisions using disjointed spreadsheets and PDF reports. Our Power BI Services can offer your company a reporting program that consolidates data in one location and then provides insights immediately.

Implementation Projects

Our experts can lead, organize, and launch your Microsoft Power BI projects.

Reporting Software

Build business intelligence reports with the Microsoft Power BI desktop program.

App Integrations

Retrieve data from SaaS, ERPs, CRMs, spreadsheets, databases, and IoT devices.

Query Editor

View, select, and shape the imported data before it is loaded into the program.

Data Modeling

Create custom calculations by forming relationships between separate data sources.

Data Visualization

Transform your data into rich visuals by using charts, maps, funnels, and more.

Detailed Reports

Summarize your dataset’s findings in an organized multi-page format.

High-Level Dashboards

Display business insights, alerts, and key performance indicators in a consolidated view.

What are the benefits of our Power BI services?

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What Should You Expect from Our Power BI Services?


Intelligent Information

Our certified collaborators will work with your organization to deliver business intelligence in your preferred format. We tailor custom reports and dashboards for your upper and middle management. This helps with making better business decisions.


Situation Predicting

Our robust technologies enable intelligent modeling, analysis, learning, and forecasting of daily business decisions. We will collaborate with your organization to deliver comprehensive 360° business intelligence solutions that detect and personalize offers for your potential clients.


Data Management

Our certified professionals offer consulting and implementation. Using various technologies, we process large data volumes onsite and in the cloud. We will work with your organization to define data architectures critical for digital transformation. Our solutions include data intake, traceability, and lineage.

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We serve these Irvine, CA industries and more

Irvine, CA has been named the safest city in the U.S. for its size for over 15 years and counting. The area is desired for its high quality of life, thriving business community, deep pool of skilled talent, and culture of innovation. This reputation has contributed to the increased presence of new startups and Fortune 500 offices in the area. As Irvine becomes more competitive, industries across the board are looking to gain an edge by leveraging technology. To innovate their services, organizations are looking to integrate solutions such as cybersecurity, automated processes, big data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and drones. Our Power BI Services serve these local industries and more:

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